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    Want to start your own clothing business in SL? Here are some of our latest creations. There are hundreds of different clothing designs to choose from in our in world store. So come and see our fantastic clothing template store in SL or items listed on SL Marketplace. Top quality clothing templates for men and women. We have the biggest selection of full permissions jeans, jackets, shirts, dresses, shorts, club sets, tops, pants. Get your business started today !!

    IM Typhaon Nishi or Suzy Somerton for more details.

    To contact us email tdtemplatesl@gmail.com

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    Contact either Typhaon Nishi or Suzy Somerton
    should you need further explanation.


The latest release by TD Templates. Definitely one for creators who enjoy making stylish outgoing clothes for men (women’s version coming soon). Put together an effective and fashionable look that would suit men all across SL. Be adventurous with your designs and create amazing quality which screams out dressed to impress – or kill, whichever you prefer 😉
Also included in the pack are example copy/mod sculpted cuff & collar prims which can be added on to elaborate onto the realism of the shirt. Links of where to get them full perms are in the box. Comes in Ready to Wear TGA format and Separate Layered PSD with creases/buttons/ breast shadows and highlights + more.

* XStreet Link here

  • These are the latest templates. Please visit our store in world to see the full range available.
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