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    Want to start your own clothing business in SL? Here are some of our latest creations. There are hundreds of different clothing designs to choose from in our in world store. So come and see our fantastic clothing template store in SL or items listed on SL Marketplace. Top quality clothing templates for men and women. We have the biggest selection of full permissions jeans, jackets, shirts, dresses, shorts, club sets, tops, pants. Get your business started today !!

    IM Typhaon Nishi or Suzy Somerton for more details.

    To contact us email tdtemplatesl@gmail.com

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The ultimate Designer Ladies Hoodies Resource Kit for clothes designers. Create your own hoodies from a variety of different combinations from the PSD file.
Kit contains hoodies in long and short versions. TGA files and ready to wear in plain texture in 5 colors.
The TGA file for both the long and short version come in only one texture in the box. The grey one can be tinted
inworld to any other color.
PSD kit contains over 85 layers, including 8 different textures, rib variations, jewels and icons, zip pulls and full psd structure for hoodies. Also includes fabric texture samples for you to add your own sculptie parts.

Resource Kit PSD contains:
16 x Jewels
18 x Icons
8 x Zip Pulls
8 x Fabric Texture
8 x Fabric Samples (for use with your sculptie parts)
3 x Rib Fabrics

2 x PSD files for Short and Long Hoodies, 17 layers including seams, highlights, creases, zip in all pieces,shading, every item on separate layers.

Please send name, transaction details and email address on a notecard to me in-world and I will email you the PSD file so you can start creating as soon as possible!

Click here to purchase on XstreetSL

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